Wood Craftsmanship – How It Started

tips and tricks Wood Craftsmanship – How It Started

Wood Craftsmanship – How It Started

The art of carving wood and using it in construction dates back to the origin of hand tools. It is one of the oldest crafts known to mankind. This can be attributed to the fact that the materials, trees, are readily available. The infographic provides some valuable history on how it all started.

To begin with, the term “carpenter” comes from “carpentier”, a French word derived from “carpentrius”, which is Latin for “maker of a carriage”. Before the invention of the printing press, there isn’t much documentation of this trade. It was taught through apprenticeship, and since wood is prone to deterioration, physical evidence has been elusive. The only viable records of ancient architecture can be found in a collection of books known as De architectura. However, we also have a couple of old wooden buildings that are still surviving such as the temples in China, Stave church in Norway, and Greensted church in England. They were built in the years 782, the 12th – 13th centuries, and 11th century respectively.

The 16th century marked a great turning point for the joinery industry. It was brought about by the invention of sawmills. Cutting of logs became easier and efficient. Then came the industrial revolution in the 18th century. It resulted in lots of relief to wood experts. Olden ways were replaced with new ones. Cut nails took the place of handmade nails while the circular saw popularized balloon framing. Numerous developments followed as the years went by and from the look of things, more is yet to come.

Today the industry has grown tremendously. We now have the creation of house and office furniture, cabinet making, and other small trades which fall in the same bracket. Thanks to technology, a lot has improved regarding accuracy, and efficiency. We now have less wastage of materials and the products are much better design-wise and in longevity.

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